Yurtdışından yardım talebi..

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Yurtdışından yardım talebi..

Mesaj #1 gönderen PROFLY » 3 yıl 6 ay önce (26.04.2015, 08:35)

Aşağıdaki mail bana gelmiş, ben yardımcı olamayacağım. Yardım etmek isteyenler kent@kentsworld.com adresine mail atarak kontak kurabilir;

Hi there,

My girlfriend and I are coming to Turkey (near Istanbul) in a couple of weeks, and, we are keen to do some paragliding with a reputable company.

My experience:
I have experience, I've completed a paramotoring course, and, have done most of a paragliding course here - quite a few winch launches, you know, the sort of thing they do in flat places. I have some (a little rusty, but not too bad) ground skills.

My goal:
I'd like to extend the training I already have to be able to fly in the mountains.

Gina (my Girlfriend) hasn't done any of this, so, she's coming to see if she likes it.

Are you able to train 2 people with different needs at the same time and, ideally, place. Were really just looking for a course that can get to the basics of what I describe above, over 4 days.

I am 172cm and weigh around 90kg.
She is about 150cm and weighs



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